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Day 2 – Reasons Why You Read The Bible


Hey! It’s Day 2 for the List and Grow Challenge! Don’t slack on the goals you made yesterday. If you’re behind, no worries! You can either make up for yesterday or just skip that one and move forward! Remember! This should be a growing experience, not a burden. Let’s keep it moving!

Today, you’ve gotta dig deep. Answering this prompt is way more challenging than it seems. Here are my reasons:

1. The first reason why I read the Bible is because I want to get to know Jesus.

One of my main goals in life (not mentioned yesterday) is to become like our Maker. Jesus tells us in John 5:39 that the entire scripture testifies of Jesus. Because I want to be like Him, I need to study His ways, find out what He did, see what He’s like, and learn how to communicate with Him.

2. The second reason is because I want to be encouraged and inspired.

The Bible is full of stories and scriptures that give hope to the readers. For example, when I read the book of Acts, I’m encouraged and inspired to spread the gospel message, and live a life worthy of Jesus’ name. I think that’s one reason why God gave us the Bible; so we can find hope, inspiration, and encouragement.

3. The third reason why I read the Bible, (and F.Y.I. these aren’t in any particular order of importance) is because I enjoy the stories and the history.

It’s so cool to read the Bible and see it tie into history. Like the Tower of Babel for instance! Ever wonder why we have all these different languages in the world?? Read Genesis 11, and Boom! The answer’s right there. I think that’s so cool! I love finding answers in the Bible to the common and sometimes, not-so-common questions we have.

4. The other reason why I read the Bible is because I want to hear God speak.

This  is one of the goals I mentioned on Day 1. There are so many different ways God tells us things, and one of those ways is through His Word. He says so much in the Bible, and He gives us examples of other ways He might speak, which might be hard for us to recognize if we didn’t have the Bible.

What about you? What are the reasons why you read the Bible? Are our reasons similar? Comment below or post your list on Instagram with the tag “listandgrow”. Come on! Let’s see your lists!

What I used for decoration:  The decorative masking tape from Wrapables at Amazonscrapbook paper, I made the page flag and dew drops with the cricut; I used a black fine point sharpie, and a purple gel pen. My husband said it looked “Homemade” so, I’m going to treat that as a compliment, even if it isn’t intended to be, and be happy about my Day 2! lol!


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